2014 Startups


Asclepius Innovative Solutions, AIS Inc., is a medical device company specializing in the development of medical devices. Backed by more than 15 years of experience in the field of research and development for medical and aerospace industry, we develop quality medical products while maintaining close business relationships with our clients.


AlzBetter is a mobile technology platform that utilizes proprietary algorithms and custom screens to create a personalized care/activity plan for individuals with Alzheimer’s/dementia. Our patent pending system incorporates our real time Quality of Life/validation tool, family portal, mobile version and other IP to enable individuals with Alzheimer’s/dementia to remain at home and/or in the least restrictive setting.


Biomeme’s platform transforms your smartphone into a mobile lab for advanced DNA diagnostics and real-time disease surveillance. The system includes a docking station for real-time qPCR, a mobile app to control the system and analyze results, and targeted test kits for preparing samples and identifying pathogens or diseases by their specific DNA or RNA signatures. The cutting edge platform performs to the gold standard used by the world’s most advanced central labs but requires no lab equipment or special experience to use.

Constant Therapy

Constant Therapy’s mobile solution delivers individualized therapies to people with brain impairments automatically based on their unique deficits. Leveraging the world’s largest brain-impaired performance database combined with latest research on brain plasticity, caregivers can track individual results and users can obtain the best possible therapy customized for their needs.

Curbside Care

Curbside Care is the “Uber for healthcare,” coordinating on-demand house calls via mobile and web-based applications. The technology platform bridges a market of fragmented supply and untapped demand by connecting off-shift M.D.’s and N.P.’s to patient users in real time.


Cureatr is the nation’s fastest growing mobile care coordination solution for healthcare providers. Using Cureatr, care team members can send secure messages and receive actionable alerts about their patients in real-time. By streamlining clinical workflow and reducing disruptions, Cureatr enables the delivery of high-quality, patient-centric care.


Dātu Health is a technology firm focused on user engagement in healthcare, enabling large health providers to free their data and connect their care.


DocDox provides cloud-based solutions to physicians and hospitals. Designed and developed by a physician, we’re dedicated to creating simple, easy-to-use solutions that integrate seamlessly into daily workflows. We offer a way to reduce errors and improve communication during internal handoffs, and to write, refill, and verify prescriptions online.


Docsap is a web-based application that makes it easier for patients to find primary care practices that offer affordable monthly subscription plans for unlimited care. Patients can use Docsap to compare the pricing and benefits between different plans and choose the one that’s right for them.


EntraTympanic’s innovative device and in-office procedure will establish a new proprietary standard of care for treating 28 million annual US middle ear infections. It provides instant pain relief and eliminates half of all pediatric antibiotics, thereby avoiding antibiotic resistance. The available US market is $4-7 billion and $40-70 billion worldwide.


GenomOncology is enabling precision medicine by translating next generation sequencing data into actionable information. The company’s GO Clinical WorkbenchTM translates the molecular profile of a patient’s tumor genome into an actionable clinical report and the GenomAnalyticsTM research platform allows the simultaneous analysis of one or hundreds of genomes to look for causal variants of cancer.


Healthper is an early-stage outcomes-focused company in the growing health and wellness space. It offers global solutions to employers and health plans that are easily tailored to unique characteristics of their specific populations. Healthper provides personalized pathways for each individual member based on building new healthier habits from assessments and wellness activities, using gamification-science and social-networking, all augmented with targeted incentives and rewards.


HealthQx delivers a first of its kind solution that rates physicians and hospitals based on quality and cost efficiency using data on over 120 million patients. HealthQx delivers analytics and software to payers, providers and our partners who are leading the shift from fee-for-service payment to transparent, value-based healthcare.

Homeward Health, LLC

Homeward Healthcare is an interactive multimedia touchscreen application engaging patients at the bedside, increasing discharge instructional comprehension by providing a triple sensory educational environment. The program assesses risk of readmission with an adaptive algorithm, sending real time alerts to care management staff, helping to better align post-acute resources


Ischemia Care is a clinical stage capital efficient, diagnostic laboratory commercializing a blood test called ISCDX for cause of stroke and TIA, including atrial fibrillation. Ischemia Care is currently enrolling in a clinical trial (NCT0214896) designed to lead to commercial adoption of ISCDX through company owned CLIA lab.


When people cope with serious or chronic illness, they or someone that cares for them, often become “chronic web researchers.” The process of finding relevant, trustworthy and understandable information is extremely ineffective and inefficient. Medivizor’s award-winning service uniquely allows people to better engage with the health information that matters to them.

Oculogica, Inc.

Oculogica Inc. is a neuro-diagnostics company focused on concussion and other forms of traumatic brain injury. Our proprietary EyeBoxCNS TM device is capable of quantitating the extent of conjugacy of eye movements while a subject watches TV for 220 seconds. It is automatic, noninvasive and does not require a baseline.


Owlpal is a proactive mobile health solution that diagnoses, stages, and monitors asthma in children at night. Owlpal functions as a smart device application that utilizes the internal acoustic capabilities of an Android or iOS device to monitor wheezing and coughing rates within children as they sleep. The Owlpal mobile solution is based upon extensive scientific research over the ability to use wheeze and cough monitoring as a noninvasive way to objectively manage nocturnal asthma in children.

Prime EHR

Prime is a mobile app that instantly aggregates all your health records from all your doctors, right on your phone. Easily access your personal health info anywhere you go, and share (privately inside Prime) important health updates with those who need them.

Rescufy, LLC

In a severe allergy or asthma emergency, the individual initiates from one button on the phone’s lock screen 3 simultaneous actions to compress response time: send text to 911 with pre-entered medical and location data, send text to emergency contacts and auto dial 911. One touch to save a life…


Resuscor strives to improve implementation of Targeted Temperature Management (TTM) to save lives and improve patient outcomes from critical illnesses such as cardiac arrest. Resuscor offers a suite of digital educational products aimed at clinicians in the emergency room, intensive care and first responders. These tools cover varying platforms and offer step-by-step guidance at the point-of-care to increase TTM implementation successfully.

rockhopper ZSG

rockhopperZSG, LLC builds branded mobile Apps for doctors’ offices that increase revenue and improve the customer experience and patient loyalty. When doctors apply custom value metrics to patients and payers, all entities in the healthcare ecosystem become responsible for what they contribute, maximizing efficiency at the level of the encounter.

Store My Tumor

StoreMyTumor is the acknowledged leader in the collection, processing, and preserving of cancerous tumors. Working with over fifty leading cancer institutions, and with facilities in the US and England allowing for processing and preserving tumors globally, StoreMyTumor is the only service that preserves the tumor Alive, allowing for personalized cancer treatment.


Wellframe delivers a mobile platform for care management & patient engagement. We enable risk bearing healthcare stakeholders to improve the capacity of their human resources to promote patient adherence and improve clinical and financial outcomes. Our patent pending solution has been proven in clinical trials and is being used by top health systems and health plans.