The Startup Showcase was presented at CONVERGE 2013 thanks to support from Pfizer.


AdhereTech has created patented smart pill bottles that improve medication adherence. These bottles automatically measure the number of pills in the bottle in real-time, and wirelessly transmit this HIPAA-compliant data to the cloud. If a patient hasn’t taken his/her medication, our service reminds them via phone call or text message. The system also solicits feedback to determine the root causes of non-adherence. Additionally, AdhereTech is built with an open API, which facilitates partnerships and fosters integration with other adherence solutions. AdhereTech is the winner of the 2013 Healthcare Innovation World Cup, sponsored by Boehringer-Ingelheim.


Aidin is a web application that improves the quality of care offered by the post-acute care providers in a hospital’s area. Aidin makes it easy to identify available providers and share quality of care ratings with patients to reduce delayed discharges, improve patient satisfaction, and reduce readmissions.


As the industry’s first online, direct contracting market, aptitude℠ fosters mutually beneficial, committed purchasing relationships between hospitals and suppliers – ultimately creating a more logical and empowered market environment. creates personal pain relief products, empowering patients to control their medical experience. Buzzy® combines vibration and unique ice packs to block pain, burning and itching on contact.  Other MDEA-winning OTC drug-free pain products proven effective include DistrACTION cards. Buzzy takes the sting out of shots, stings, splinters and more. Sponsored by Global Center for Medical Innovation.

Cancer Genetics

Cancer Genetics, Inc. (CGI) is an emerging leader in DNA-based cancer diagnostics and services some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world. Our tests target cancers that are difficult to diagnose and predict treatment outcomes. These cancers include hematological, urogenital and HPV-associated cancers. We also offer a comprehensive range of non-proprietary oncology-focused tests and laboratory services that provide critical genomic information to healthcare professionals as well as biopharma and biotech. Our state-of-the-art reference lab is focused entirely on maintaining clinical excellence and is both CLIA certified and CAP accredited and has licensure from several states including New York State. CGI has established strong research collaborations with major cancer centers such as Memorial Sloan-Kettering, The Cleveland Clinic and the National Cancer Institute.

Codex Therapeutics

Codex Therapeutics is developing a topical gel from HSP90α protein to substantially reverse chronic wound healing times for diabetic ulcers for which there remains significant unmet clinical need. Our drug candidate, CT-115, has shown potent efficacy in 100% Wound Healing Incidence and near normal Healing Time in mice and pigs.


Award-winning Cognific™ is a platform for behavioral healthcare providers.  Cognific supports patients with the best out-of-office tools available in an engaging & compliance-enhancing way. Cognific is an innovative, enterprise clinical mental health technology, allowing healthcare providers to measure mental health outcomes, manage costs, and increase clinical throughput.


blueprintDocASAP is changing the way care providers market their real-time availability to patients and other referring providers. It’s the first solution that enables care providers to publish their accurate profiles and open appointments across multiple channels such as health insurance doctor finders, consumer portals, referring networks and provider’s own web site. Sponsored by Blueprint Health.

Healthcare Observation Systems

xhOur product, NICVIEW, promotes family bonding by providing parents with real-time viewing of their infant in the neonatal intensive care and pediatrics units. We do this by providing a secure video stream over the Internet that parents and family members can use to see their new addition. With the NICVIEW camera system, any device that has access to the Web can view the baby, no apps or installs required. If you are unable to be there physically, with NICVIEW you can be there virtually — from across town or across the globe! Sponsored by XLerateHealth.


canadaSolutions HOSPITALIS offers clinical solutions to healthcare providers for the continuous improvement of clinical processes related to patient’s pathway. Our Electronic Clinical Assistant (ECA) is supporting the optimization of coordinated care needed to assure information continuity across all providers of the continuum of care which has proven results of better care, better health at better cost. Brought to you by the Consulate of Canada


canadaInfonaut’s Hospital Watch Live (HWL) is a surveillance solution that helps control and stop hospital infections. It tracks, in real-time, vectors and risks of infectious diseases to understand and break the chain of transmission in hospitals. The outcomes are cost savings and dramatic improvements in patient and workplace safety. Brought to you by the Consulate of Canada


startupIntelligentM is a Hand Hygiene Compliance Improvement System for healthcare facilities. Use of the iM System results in decreased Healthcare Acquired Infections and their substantial associated costs. IntelligentM’s patent pending solutions include on the spot notifications to healthcare workers for missed hand hygiene opportunities and a detailed compliance reporting at the individual level. Sponsored by StartUp Health.


canadaProfiled in Stanford’s Persuasive Technology Lab and the Kaiser Permanente Gallery Walk, the MEMOTEXT scientifically and commercially validated social, mobile and speech interventions have been shown to improve patient adherence up to 31%. Our proprietary PersonoLogic® engine learns individual patient preferences and beliefs to ensure relevance of, and engagement with, the adherence program. Brought to you by the Consulate of Canada

Modernizing Medicine

Modernizing Medicine developed the Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA™), a specialty-specific, iPad-based EMR system to save physicians time through adaptive learning and up-to-date medical knowledge.  The EMA Network’s cloud-based approach to collecting and storing patient information enables physicians to create, visualize and consume treatment data to better care for patients.


rockNeurotrack has developed technology that can diagnose Alzheimer’s disease three to six years before symptoms appear, creating the potential to transform the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  Based on ground-breaking research and tested during a 6-year NIH funded longitudinal study, Neurotrack’s computer-based cognitive/visual test gives pharmaceutical companies and research organizations the tools to recruit truly qualified candidates for clinical trials and more effectively measure drug efficacy, speeding up drug discovery and development. Neurotrack is also on course to become the standard for early clinical screening of Alzheimer’s and dementia related disorders. Sponsored by Rock Health.

Parallax Enterprises, LLC

Parallax Enterprises, LLC, is a healthcare technology company, dedicated to improving patient safety in the surgical suite.  Our CHaRM™ System, a novel hands-free, gesture-sensitive checklist system, modeled after a fighter pilot’s Heads-Up-Display, is designed to increase communication in the operating room and decrease preventable medical errors

Pepex Biomedical

Pepex Biomedical is rapidly becoming a leading technology source of enzymatic biosensors that improve the quality of life for medical device consumers and the quality of care for the industry. Located in Saint Louis, MO since 2006, our history of pioneering concepts includes Alternative Site Testing (AST) and Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring (CGM). Today we are blending technologies such as M2M communications, real time sensor tracking,data analytics and seamless cellular access with painless micro sensors that need no blood droplet.


PHRQL (freckle) provides an ecosystem of software applications to shift wellness care from the clinic to the community and empower people to take better control of their health.  We help supermarkets and pharmacies deliver nutrition counseling and diabetes education to customers, get paid by insurers, and improve customer loyalty.


Preventice is a leading developer of mobile health solutions, including the BodyGuardian Remote Monitoring System. Preventice partners with life science companies and health care providers to create solutions that address opportunities related to prescription medication management, cardiac care, sleep apnea, diabetes management, and migraine headaches.


Pristine is developing a suite of perioperative applications on Google Glass for surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses that will promote patient safety and operational efficiency. We’re redefining how everyone in and around the OR collaborates and communicates on the move in a completely seamless fashion.


Quick is a biomedical mobile application company specializing in innovative diagnostic and measuring products that incorporate smart devices. Quick is creating noninvasive personal testing platforms that are painless, bloodless and mobile, enabling users to be healthier and safer. Quick’s most strategic area of focus is monitoring patients with diabetes.

Sensory Tech

canadaSensory Tech (ST) develops and markets mobile and web-based enterprise systems for the community health care market.  Deployed primarily to support home-based clinical teams caring for patients who normally require hospitalization STdelivers massive efficiencies to the greater healthcare system by keeping patients at home, collapsing traditional costing models,
reducing the registered clinician headcount ratio per patient, and driving transparency through the hospital to home continuum. Brought to you by the Consulate of Canada

Sixth Sense Healthcare Innovation

Sixth Sense works closely with Pharma and device manufacturers, providing an opportunity to empower e-Patients. We are forging new pathways in healthcare technology, starting with the respiratory disease community.


Vimty is an elegantly designed online tool to help patients and their families understand, collaborate, and make decisions for the last stages of their lives. Vimty simplifies both the topic and the process, enabling members to make decisions as well as create, notarize and store the digital advanced directive all in one sitting, and we team up with patients and their families to “ask” their insurance companies to support them in this activity.